Chronic pain and prescription opiate addiction are frequent comorbidities, which creates a great dilemma for treatment specialists. According to research by, a small-scale research trial indicated a third of chronic pain patients have an addiction issue. Patients with opioid use disorder report chronic pain and may suffer from sleep disorders, increased tolerance, and many other issues. Our suboxone clinics Maryland treat people with chronic pain and addition through medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using telehealth services.

Pain Patients on Opiates:

Unfortunately, many people dealing with chronic pain management with opiates will develop an addiction through no fault of their own. Doctors are seeing more chronic pain patients already on opiates with addiction and many don’t believe they have a problem. Our suboxone doctors realize these patients are at a higher risk for overdose and opiate diversion, which is Treating Opiate Painkiller Addiction at Suboxone Clinics Maryland

Why it is so important for someone to consider MAT through our suboxone clinics Maryland.

Suboxone for Opiate Addiction:

Suboxone was first introduced for treating opiate addiction back in 2002, but it wasn’t approved for chronic pain management. Before suboxone was approved, opiate dependence used to be treated with methadone. Methadone can only be dispensed in a limited number of clinics which specialize in drug addiction treatment. Our suboxone clinic Maryland has been using MAT via a telemedicine option and we accept state Medicaid, private insurance and self-pay patients.

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At our suboxone clinics Maryland, we offer help and assistance to anyone wanting to recover from opiate addiction. You can let go of your shame, get rid of your guilt and turn your life around, but you have to reach out and ask for help. Please contact our clinic right now, talk to our caring addiction medicine specialists and learn about the treatment we offer than can change your entire life.