Suboxone clinics Maryland knows offering telemedicine services is a positive way to impact the current opiate epidemic. Using telemedicine services to access medication-assisted treatment for the purpose of treating opiate addiction is a method of bringing treatment options to those who may not otherwise have it. Medication-assisted treatment combines behavioral therapy and medication to treat opioid use disorder and our program is currently investigating how to bring telemedicine services to people living in rural areas where no treatment centers exist.

What Are the Barriers to Implementing a Telemedicine MAT Program?

Unfortunately, there are many policy and logistical issues that center around implementing a telemedicine program at our suboxone clinic Maryland. There are restrictions on prescribing a controlled substance without someone doing an in-person clinic visit and it can only be done in limited situations. The restrictions in place prevent many providers from becoming certified in MAT services, but we are working diligently to meet all the legal requirements for telemedicine services because we are devoted to saving lives.

Can Telemedicine Help People Become Clean from Opiates?

Telemedicine services support addiction recovery through utilizing technology. Using various tools, telemedicine connects a patient to a provider for a variety of services they may not otherwise receive. With a home computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, a person can be screened to determine if they have an addiction issue and see if they are a candidate for treatment. It is the ultimate goal of our suboxone clinic to offer a patient portal, mobile apps, video-based therapy and a virtual world for treatment all at a person’s fingertips.

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