Our Frankfort, KY Opiate Detox Clinic Saves Lives

telehealth for opiate addiction treatmentOpioids are prescription medications used by physicians to manage chronic pain. For people who abuse these drugs, addiction can develop quickly and no matter what someone tries to do they can be powerless to stop. Our Frankfort, KY opiate detox saves lives by offering not only primary care and intensive outpatient treatment, but we also provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction.

How is Our Frankfort, KY Opiate Detox Taking on the Opiate Epidemic?

The opiate epidemic has been around for a very long time, certainly addiction medicine specialists would agree its been too long. Every single day, thousands of people all over America are dying from opiate overdose and the problem isn’t letting up, but only growing worse with time. Our clinic is doing what we can to make our MAT services affordable by accepting private insurance, Medicaid and through our flexible payment options.

What Does Opiate Addiction Do to Someone?

When suffering from an addiction to opiates, a person is liable to do anything necessary to get their drug of choice. Our program has treated people with any severity of addiction and we don’t judge someone for their situation. Opiate addiction can result in someone breaking the law, contracting a deadly infection, taking risks with their job, health and life. To save your own life, please realize how serious your situation really is and contact our Frankfort, KY opiate detox program.

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Contacting out Frankfort, KY opiate detox doesn’t make you weak-willed, on the contrary, it shows you are stronger than the addiction that’s plaguing your life. Our caring and compassionate clinicians are available 24/7 to help you, because we know time is of the essence and lives are being lost every second. Please call our program right now, take back your personal power and kick opiate addiction out of your life, once and for all.