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Medicaid Accepted, Same Day Appointments May Be Available

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We Are NOT Your Typical Suboxone Clinic

Our goal for Suboxone is to save our patients life. However, once stable, we would like to taper patients off Suboxone and empower them to make healthier decisions by using plant based medicines that are effective for treating pain or anxiety. CBD Oil being just one of them.

They Were Right! Suboxone Saves. Plants Transform.

I am very thankful to the folks at Suboxone Clinics Maryland. When I called, I was treated with respect and give an appointment the very same day which was incredible since I was really struggling. I can not thank their team of professionals enough. They got me prescription free and now I am able to live life full through plant medicines, herbs, and healthy spiritual practices. 

Jamie B


*We do not use patients real photos. We respect and protect their privacy. 

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Suboxone Clinics Maryland prides itself on serving our patients to the best of our ability and treating them with the utmost respect. 

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Patient Advocates Available 24/7/365 Appointment Only. No Walk Ins. 


Our Healthcare Services.

Suboxone Clinics Maryland goes above and beyond to ensure each patient is treated as an individual. We provide additional services for those who qualify. Medicinal Marijuana. Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Substance Abuse Counseling Services, NAD Detox and more…call today to explore your opioid addiction treatment options. 301-298-5294

We Have An Open Door Policy

Suboxone Clinics Maryland prides itself on serving our patients to the best of our ability and treating them with the utmost respect. When a patients as a concern, we want to know about and work towards finding a solution as quickly as possible. If we make a mistake, we have no problem apologizing and making the proper adjustment that is best suitable to the patients needs.

We Work As A Team

Here at Suboxone Clinics Maryland we place emphasis on creating a safe and friendly atmosphere. When a new patient schedules their initial appointment with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners, we make sure they are properly introduced to each Suboxone Clinics Maryland team member. We all work side by side to to ensure each patient’s individual needs are being met. We want our patient’s to feel valued and appreciated to ensure a positive treatment outcome

We Offer Same Day Appointments

we understand most patients must have an appointment the same day they call us due to physical withdrawal symptoms. Opioid addiction can be life-threatening if left untreated. Our team of opiate addiction treatment professionals here at Suboxone Clinics Maryland realize timing is everything when treating a patient that is physically addicted to an opiate such as heroin or prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, or Percocet. Because of this realization, we do our absolute best to accommodate each patient’s busy schedule.

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Call us today at 301-298-5294 to speak to an addictions specialist and schedule your initial appointment. 

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Experienced Doctors

Our team of nurse practitioners and medical doctors help 100’s of patients every month. 


Short Wait Times

To help control the flow of patients, we limit our visits to 4 patients per hour.


Over 10 Years in Addiction Industry

Our team has a wealth of knowledge to help empower our patients

We Are Accepting New Patients in Fells Point, Maryland 301-298-5294

Fells Point, Maryland Suboxone Clinic. Bowie, Maryland Suboxone Doctor. Randallstown, Maryland Suboxone Clinics. More locations are coming online on a regular basis to help assist those suffering from an addiction to opioids. 

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